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PhD-Thesis books that are published digitally are part of what we call ePublishing, also called eBooks. eBooks can be read on an eReader or a tablet, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab being the most popular tablets. The term eBooks can be applied to a number of file formats and developments. To keep it simple we will describe the two main formats, PDF (interactive) and ePub files.

PDF (interactive)

A PDF file is the best-known example of eBooks. A PDF file can be made to be interactive by adding so called hyperlinks. This can be useful for the index or an external source list for example. With a standard PDF the page layout will be maintained. In addition to this you can zoom in and out on the page. The page can have any size and the layout will stay the same. Some samples of page flip PDF:

Link naar bladerbare PDF  Sample Breugel   wilms sample


A recent development in ePublishing is the ePub file. ePub files are more dynamic than PDF files. The size of the screen the book is viewed on decides the layout of the page. This means that it is even readable without problems on a smart phone (an iPhone for example). Both the font and the font-size are adjustable. The layout of the publication can be adjusted according to the wishes of the reader. Another advantage compared to regular PDF files is that the new version can contain audio and visual elements.

The (interactive) PDF file or ePub file we make for you can be downloaded by you or any other interested party you provide with the necessary information via our website or via your own website with it’s own domain name. This is possible using a QR-code or URL.

If you are intrigued with these new possibilities and would like to know more you can contact our team or ask for more information using our quotation form.

eBooks are made in combination with printed copies of your thesis.