How long is the production process for my thesis?

The entire process will take around three weeks.

It includes the time we need to produce a print proof and send it to you. If you also want us to handle the layout of your thesis, the process will take roughly three weeks longer. Here’s what the entire production process looks like from start to finish:

  • We inspect the PDF file you submitted;
  • We produce a print proof and send it to you for approval;
  • We give you our feedback along with any points of improvement;
  • You submit the corrected file to us;
  • After inspecting the file, we will send you a digital proof for approval;
  • The interior (the pages) and the cover are printed;
  • Everything is glued together and the edges are neatly trimmed. Now it looks like a real book!
  • We pack all your theses neatly in boxes;
  • The courier delivers them to your door. Now all you have to do is get ready for your defence!