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Define printing colors (PMS)

Define printing colors (PMS)

What is PMS?
There are two different ways of colour printing: FC and PMS. FC means full colour or four colour printing. PMS stand for Pantone Matching System. Pantone is the name of the company that publishes colour codes and Matching Systems refers to the system that allows you to exactly determine (mix) a colour. Pantone publishes colour fandecks where each colour has its own number.

Full colour printing is not often used for print work with only two colours because there is a cheaper alternative: working with PMS colours.

Using the button below you can leaf through a digital PMS-fandeck.
Take note; never base your decision on what you see on your screen! Because every screen displays colours differently due to the different colour settings we strongly advise you to come and look at our paper PMS-fandeck. When you choose a colour from the PMS-fandeck you can rest assured that the colour you choose will be the colour in your print work.


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