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Making a printable PDF-file

Making a printable PDF-file

You are about to turn your research and/or your already published articles into a true PhD-Thesis which we will produce for you. Because of the many different formatting programmes available the graphic industry has decided to work with one output format. This is the PDF format.

The great thing about PDF format is that the original quality of the files does not get lost. Furthermore it is a closed format in which everything that is necessary to make a faithful print result is enclosed.

The best PDF writer
There are different PDF writers available. Each PDF writer can interpret data differently and only when the file is printed problems will emerge. What you see on your screen can disappear in print work. At this moment there is only one PDF writer which we can advise you and that is Adobe PDF (Adobe Acrobat X Pro). You can download this writer here. This is a free trial version which you can use for a month.

What’s next?
A PDF file can be created in many different ways. It is important that all the fonts are embedded and that the resolution of the illustrations is high enough. The explanation below will help you on your way. Click on the programme you are using. Should your programme not be listed and/or you experience any other problems while generating your PDF file, the best thing to do is to contact us.

Programmes used
1. PDF from Microsoft Word
2. PDF from LaTeX
3. PDF from Adobe InDesign CS5