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Information sessions

We often organize information sessions for PhD students in the last phase of their research on different locations in the Netherlands. Should you know know several PhD students who would like to receive advise and instructions on formatting their PhD-Thesis you can request such an information session. If there are three people or more interested we will come to a location chosen by you. Should more than two of you decide to let us produce their PhD-Thesis books we can offer you a group discount. You can fill out a request form here.

About the information sessions:

For whom are they?
PhD students in the final stages of their research who are preparing their PhD-Thesis.

To receive tips and advice and to ask questions that allow you to prepare for the final stages of your PhD-Thesis. You will be less unsure about everything and it will help you to supply a high quality file for printing. Delays will be avoided resulting in a relaxed conclusion and a beautiful PhD-Thesis!

What are the subjects?
We will discuss: the formatting of the inside work and the cover, making a printable PDF file, planning, the printing process, different types of paper, offset printing and digital printing, requesting an ISBN number etc.

Duration of the session?
The information session will take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size of the group and the number of questions.

The sessions are free of charge and commitment. In addition you will receive a copy of our manual ‘How to make a PhD-Thesis!’. The sessions only take place when enough people have registered (at least 3). We will provide a suitable space, presentation and instruction materials and coffee and tea.

More information about the information sessions can be given by one of our specialists on location.

  • Groningen: Dhr. Ubel Smid
    Contact: groningen@gvo.nl or
    +31 (0)6 23 52 19 39
  • Utrecht: Dhr. Ferdinand van Nispen tot Pannerden
    Contact: utrecht@gvo.nl or
    +31 (0)6 46 34 34 52