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Infographic summary

Easy and understandable for your defense audience, inviting them for your party at the same time. This summary in infographic style completes your thesis!

Guestbook in your thesis style

A sewn binded book in your thesis style with open spine and blanc interior. At your defense your guests can and will leave a friendly note!

Square format thesis books

Although the Dutch standard thesis format is 17 x 24 cm at most universaties this is not mandatory. Want to stand out of the crowd? Have a look at these beautiful square thesis books that we produced. Up to 28 x 28 cm!


For your own bookcase or just a few extra copies. The cover we adapt to be stuck on the slightly larger hard cardboard cover. A really chique book!

Linen cover

That one extraordinairy book on your kitchentable; with linen cover and foilstamp. Additionally we can provide a dust cover with your own design.

Non-standard booksize

Check this beautiful A5 book with less-is-more design; Kraft cover with Biotop interior. A real extraordinary production! Allowed in most Universities. On the last pic: 16 x 24 cm (instead of 17 x 24): just a little more handy!

Thesis duo with sleeve

Your promotion in cooperation? Consider this beautiful duo thesis pacckage. Both designs fully in line come together in this chique sleeve. A true elegant solution!

Odd size book with outliers

Your thesis with large size pictures? This beautiful architectural work from Leuven is made in large size with several beautiful outliers. A unique solution in case you have large photografic material to display in your book.

One book, two versions

You have a mandatory Univerity cover layout but want to express your creative thought also with your own desing? We can make a separate version of your book within the same edition.

Short version

A shortened version of your thesis to save paper and money for your friends. Or for those for whom a summary is sufficient. Usually about 16 to 24 pages, in your thesis style.

Cold foil

When the cold sheet (cold foil) technique is applied for printing a sheet on the printing sheet. This gives a metallic, reflective appearance. Unprinted this gives the color of the film but can be printed in any color. Commonly used foil colors are gold, bronze and silver. It is also possible to film only certain places in the design.

Round corners

Slightly different than the standard size and appearance. With rounded corners thesis you get a very friendly atmosphere. Can also be used on invitation or thank you card.

Inside cover in full color

For an extra chique appearance have the inside of your cover printed. In offset productions this is often done in the spot color used in the interior in the book. Or a derivative of the cover design. And doing so the backside of the invitation card can also be printed without extra charges.

Growing paper

The ultimate way to stand out the crowd for those with green fingers; cover and invitation card on growing paper. After reading don’t throw away but put in the ground and plants will grow from it. Recycling to the max! Available with different types of seads.

Look through cover

An already creative cover further empowered by a transparant first page with print. This very special book combines these specials in a unique way while an existing die cut keeps costs low.

Personal illustration

Looking for a creative and fully personalized cover? Let us make your illustration. Give our illustrator your thoughts and wishes and we’ll make a very unique cover and matching invitation.

Soft touch laminate

Feel what you see. Impossible to show on screen but this beautiful ‘seal thesis book’ is soft touch laminated and thus making a perfect match between look and feel.

Reading committee copy

Plain and simple in B/W on A4 for approval of your content. Five free copies when ordering your thesis books at GVO. Also available with FC cover and wire-O.

Thesis template 1

Fonttype Arial MT 10 pt, line spacing 1,5. Chapter and paragraph start with Arial-Bold. Pagenumbering (position left-right) and headers with Arial MT 8 pt.

Margins left and right 15 mm, bottom and top 25 mm. Title pages with HelveticaNeue-Bold 40 pt.

Thesis template 2

Fonttype MyriadPro-light 10 pt, linespacing 1,5. Chapter and paragraphs with fonttype MyriadPro-Regular/light 14/10 pt. Pagenumbering and headers, both MyriadPro-light 9.

Margins left and right 25 mm, bottom and top 35/25 mm. Titlepages with MyriadPro-Light 36 pt. and -Semibold 24 pt.

Thesis template 3

Fonttype Calibri 10 pt, linespacing 1,5. Chapters and paragraphs start with Calibri bold 12/10 pt. Pagenumbering with Calibri 10 pt, headers with Calibri 10pt (at 60% black).

Margins left and right 22 mm, bottom and top 22/28 mm. Titlepages with Calibri-Bold 41 pt. / 272 pt. / 14 pt. and Calibri 9 pt.

Sewn binded interior

At a sewn inside the print or printed sheets are folded in sections of 8 or 16 pages. The quires are first sewn individually . Then the sections are sewn together, creating a book block . The book block is then glued into the cover. This is the most sustainable way of finishing your thesis book.