The layout of your thesis: how do you create it?

After years of research, you have finally completed your thesis, and the graduation ceremony is scheduled. The only thing left to do is to complete your graduation trajectory. An enjoyable part of this process is the designing of your thesis.

While it is a concluding (and often enjoyable) task, designing the layout of your thesis should not be underestimated. In this blog, we will guide you through the various aspects involved in designing a thesis.

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The importance of a good layout for your thesis

Having a good layout for your thesis is crucial for a pleasant reading experience. By properly utilizing elements such as margins, line length, font size, and spacing between lines, your text becomes more visually appealing, keeping the reader engaged. This also enhances the readability of your research.

Which programs can you use?

There are various programs you can use to format your thesis. We highlight some below:

LaTeX: This free software is particularly popular in the scientific world. It is well-suited for technical documents and is available for (almost) all computer systems. While it gives documents a professional look, learning the program can be time-consuming.
InDesign: Similar to layouting the cover, InDesign can be used for the layout of your thesis. This professional layout program is often used for layouting books and brochures. InDesign is more visual than LaTeX but may require time to learn due to its many features.
Word & OpenOffice: You likely use these word processors the most. In principle, you can also use them to design a thesis. However, a drawback is that the formatting of certain text sections may sometimes change automatically.

Which fond do you use?

An essential aspect of your thesis layout is the font. Given that your thesis will mainly consist of text, consider the readability of the chosen font. Also, look into the number of variations, costs, and whether you prefer a serif or sans-serif font.

It is advisable to use a font size of 10pt, and for captions, a minimum size of 7pt works well. For a legible text, a line spacing of at least 1.2 is recommended.

Keep your thesis layout close to yourself

Similar to the cover of your thesis, the layout also has its own character. It’s essential to consider what it aims to convey and what aligns with your research and your personal style. Think about the appearance of the font you want to use, the size of the titles, and the amount of white space you want between paragraphs and headings.

Tip: Play around with the formatting of your thesis; experiment with different fonts and sizes. This way, you’ll get a good sense of what you find visually appealing.

Considerations for the layout of your thesis

Paper size: the correct size for a thesis is often 170 x 240 mm. This differs from the standard B5 size and is slightly smaller than A4. However, we can also accept a PDF in A4 format, in this case we will resize it to 81% to match 170 x 240 mm.
Alignment: text alignment can be done in two ways: justified or left-aligned. Justified creates neat blocks but may break words, while left-aligned text avoids this issue.
Headings: the formatting of headings depends on the number of levels in your thesis, usually three. The first heading is in uppercase, the second is bold, and the last is often normal or italicized text.
Tables and figures: keep these simple for readability. Don’t forget the caption for figures, which is often in the same style as that used for a table.
Page numbering: page numbers are (almost always) placed at the bottom of the page on the outer side or centered. Odd page numbers are always on the right page, and even numbers on the left.
Navigation tabs: place the chapter number in a box on the side for easy navigation to the correct chapter.

Let design your thesis

Would you prefer to outsource the formatting of your thesis to a professional? At we can layout both your content and cover. Our team of designers is ready to assist you. We’ll discuss your preferences and explore the possibilities together. Contact us or ask your questions on our website to Magnificus.


If you would like us to format the layout of your thesis, let us know your preferences!
Request a quote here!