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Planning and procedures formatting your book

You have to supply us with a Word file of which the text does not need editing. This means that it must be clear of all grammatical and/or spelling mistakes, the final version of the text. Should there be any corrections to the text after the production of the print proof you will be charged for this.
You have to supply us with any illustrations, graphs, tables, etc that are not produced in Word as separate files such as TIFF, EPS or HighRes JPG which have a high resolution (300dpi). Together with the designer you can choose one of our design formats or you can discuss a free format for a certain price.

For the cover you have to supply us with illustrations, text and a description and/or sketch of your own idea or you can give our designer a free hand in the design, again for a certain price.

Below you find a schematic representation of the planning. The whole process from formatting, printing, finishing, up to delivery will take about six weeks.
An adjusted planning can be discussed and executed!

The formatting of the document will take about three weeks. In the first week you supply your files and choose a design format together with the designer. You will receive a PDF file of a number of pages from the first chapter so you get an idea of what the whole book will look like with the format you chose. After you approve this file the designer will format the whole book and you will receive another PDF file, this time of the entire book (week 2/3). You will be given the opportunity to check the entire file and make corrections to it. You can make these corrections on paper or you can make them in the PDF file and send them back digitally. Take your time to check everything carefully!
After your approval we will make a print proof of the inside work and the cover and you will have to approve these as well (week 4). In week 5 and 6 your PhD-Thesis will produced in the required quantity, finished and delivered.
Again: we can discuss an adjusted planning.