Printing your thesis: what do you need to know?

Finally, the moment has arrived: your thesis is ready to be printed! Before you can showcase your hard work and final results to all interested parties, there are still some important choices to be made.

Printing a thesis may sound easy, but it involves several considerations. You must have thought about its layout and finishing touches. Additionally, there are associated costs that need to be taken into account. In this blog, we will tell you all about the aspects involved in printing a thesis.

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The layout of your thesis

An enjoyable, concluding step during the process of obtaining your doctorate is formatting the layout of your thesis. A good layout not only makes your thesis visually appealing but also ensures a pleasant reading experience. Pay attention to:

  • The correct format, often 170 x 240 mm. If you create your thesis in Word on A4, we will reduce it by 81% to 170 x 240 mm. Use a readable text and a font size of 12 points, which will be scaled down to 9.7 points after resizing.
  • Specific formatting rules mandated by the university, such as APA.
  • The right font, font size, and whether you have used enough white space.
  • Regularly and securely saving the document to prevent any loss.

It is also good if you have already thought about how the cover of your thesis should look. Both the layout and the cover need to be ready before you print your thesis.

Outsourcing the layout of your thesis

If you are less creatively inclined, you can choose to outsource the design of the cover and layout of your thesis. This can save you a lot of time and ensure that your thesis looks professional. At, we can design both your inner pages and the cover. The costs depend on your preferences and what exactly you want to delegate.

Determining the finishing touches of your thesis

The finishing touches of your thesis determine its appearance after printing. There are different paper types, paper thicknesses and binding options available. We will discuss them below.

Paper types and thicknesses

We recommend printing your thesis on 115 Grams G-Print paper. This paper type gives your thesis a professional look. The sturdy paper makes text easily readable and ensures that images are well presented. If you prefer a different paper type, feel free to discuss it with us.


For the binding of your thesis, you can make various choices. You can choose between bound or unbound and between a glued or sewn spine.

  • A glued or sewn spine: the better option between these two is a sewn spine. It is a bit more expensive than a glued spine, but you have less risk of pages falling out of your thesis.
  • Bound binding: bundles are made from pages, making your thesis more sturdy. This binding method is indeed more beautiful and durable but also more expensive.

At, we bind your thesis using the perfect bind method. It is super-strong, long-lasting, and has a good price-to-quality ratio.

How do I submit my thesis?

When it’s time to print your thesis, it’s important to submit it to the printer correctly. Always read their specifications and ensure your files comply. At, we exclusively work with PDF files for each part. So, not only for the inner pages but also for your cover. It’s important to provide the PDF files with bleed to prevent “white gaps” on the sides of the page.

The costs of printing a thesis

The most important thing you probably want to know is the cost of printing a thesis. This depends on all the options mentioned above, whether you are outsourcing, your choice of printing method, the quantities and color usage. So, feel free to request a quote, and we will calculate it for you!

Printing your thesis with

We are happy to help you create the most fantastic version of your thesis. In addition to printing your thesis, we can also design both your inner pages and cover with our team of designers. We are eager to discuss the possibilities and your preferences. Contact us or ask your questions on our website at Magnificus.


Do you want to know the costs of printing a thesis with
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